(photos courtesy of Kelsie Johanna Photography)

The Person

                   Hello!  I'm so glad you have found yourself here!  Although I would rather you get to know me over a salted caramel latte in a quaint coffee shop, I suppose this little place will do.  My name is Joanna (or Jo) and I am passionate about my Savior and using the gifts He has given me.  Whether a recipe or a photograph, I love to create, think of new possibilities, and grow in any way possible.  I was born and raised on a small family farm in southwest Ohio, but am now a student at Hillsdale College studying art.  In my spare time I photograph kindred spirits, have coffee dates with sweet friends, cook, and dream up my next creative pursuit.  I am an introvert and homebody, but also love to travel and go on adventures.  It's all about balance, right?  One day I dream of settling down with a family, living in a small old farmhouse, and having chickens and a large garden.  I am a believer in simplicity, pretty things, cozy blankets, tea & coffee, and the power of community to live and grow stronger in Christ.   Music is my happy place and you can often find me jamming out to classical, oldies but goodies, or basically anything else.    

Some things I love...  

Anything Homemade.  My Lord and Savior.  Hillsdale College.  Eating healthy (with an occasional sweet treat).  Ireland.  Connecting with likeminded individuals.  Good cinematography.  Podcasts.  Reminiscing "the old days".  Neutrals.  A wood-burning stove during the winter.   Running & pilates.  Small and intimate weddings.  Cozy Madewell socks & good books.  Autumn.  Handwritten letters.  Cooking.  Slow & rainy days.  Hammocks.  Journaling.  Farm life. Experimenting with film photography. 

Write here...

The Medium

              It all started with a christmas gift that I thought was a toy camera.  Thinking I was much too old for toys, I was thrilled when I realized it actually was a working camera. I photographed everything my eyes laid on --- birds, family, kittens... you name it, I shot it.  As my passion for photography and also my love for cooking grew, I started a blog at the ripe old age of thirteen.  I loved having a place to not only document my creative endeavors but see growth as I practiced in my spear time after the homeschooler day was complete.  After a few years I became tired of photographing flowers and birds, and realized a budding desire to photograph people.  I started a Facebook page, was entrusted to photograph a wedding at fifteen, and the rest is history.  I am so thankful for the opportunities I have been given through the medium of photography.   


The Purpose

              Though photos may seem a rather insignificant detail of life, I believe they can hold great impact if only one realizes.  Photographs have the power to instill an attitude of thankfulness.  We so often become absorbed in the busyness of our day and forget to slow down and appreciate the good gifts we are given; whether it is a beloved spouse, the first kiss as husband and wife, the cute chubs of your toddler, or a glorious beach sunset from your favorite vacation.  These simple moments are powerful reminders of how blessed we are.  No matter where life may lead, photographs teach us to slow down and rest in the beautiful moments He provides.  I want to serve the effort of displaying and proclaiming God's goodness and love.  One of the ways this comes most naturally is through photographing the wedding day of amazing couples committing to one another while surrounded by beloved family & friends.  We love because He first loved us - 1 John 4:19