A Year in Review - 2017

As 2017 quickly comes to a close, I can't help but reminisce the moments that made for another great year.  It definitely seemed to resemble a rollercoaster ride at some instances, but overall I can't complain because God is good and so many undeserved blessings filled the last 365 days.  It was another challenging yet fruitful year at Hillsdale College as I dug into philosophical concepts and Herman Melville's Moby Dick, yet also finding time to pursue my passion for art along the way.  It was a slow summer breaking up my two semesters in Michigan in between the traveling and photographing of weddings... which is how it should be, right?  A dash of rest here and a pinch of busy there?  I photographed six beautiful weddings that I look back still with a full heart.  When I wasn't photography weddings this summer, I continued to fall in love with film photography and taking time to photograph for my personal endeavors as a creative and treasurer of little bits of home.  A few more things I loved doing this summer:  cooking almost every day, reading C.S. Lewis, journaling on the front porch, and running as the sun rises.  

I hope you enjoy this little slice of 2017 through this collection of images.  Picking just a few photos was so hard, yet caused me to look back with thankfulness.  Thank you for each couple that trusted me to document their wedding - most likely I cried behind my camera a few times... Each couple was so kind, thoughtful, and displayed so much love & joy for those closest to them.  When I get to photograph such joy my job doesn't feel so much like a job.  

See you in 2018.  A year for more growth, learning, and photography - I'm already looking forward to the couples I get to work with after the New Year!!  I am still booking for the next year so please contact if you would like to talk more about details and find out if we're a good fit!  I would love to get to know you and hear your story, over some coffee or tea perhaps? :)    

DSC_0556 copy.jpg

photos of me taken by Kelsie of Kelsie Johanna Photography